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How the Concrete Batching Plant Works


For many decades, concrete has been the leader among building materials, since thanks to it it is possible to build various civil and military objects of the required configurations. This building material is created by mixing cement, water, sand, and gravel. To give the concrete solution additional qualities (frost resistance, plasticity, etc.), special additives allow. Construction concrete is classified according to GOST 25192-2012. Today, almost every city has concrete plants that sell ready-made concrete solutions.

How the Concrete Batching Plant Works

What is a concrete batching plant?

A concrete plant is a whole complex of installations and equipment, as well as production sites for high-quality storage and processing of raw materials.

The work of such a concrete plant consists of the following stages:

Acceptance of materials (cement, sand, gravel, additives) that are required for the manufacture of concrete, as well as their high-quality storage. The ratio of cement, sand, gravel, and water is determined by the grade of concrete.

Mixing of raw materials

concrete batching Plants can be continuous or cyclical. In the first case, the concrete is produced continuously at the concrete plant, and in the second case, the mixture is made in portions.

Classification of concrete plants

The plant layout depends on the following requirements:

quality and grade of concrete;

consumption volumes, etc.

By technological processes, they are divided into factories:

Ready-mix concrete (full cycle).

Ready-to-use dry mixes (combined cycle).

Dry mixes (segmented cycle).

The main indicator demonstrating the operation of a concrete plant is productivity, which for large enterprises is most often 300 m3 of concrete per hour, and for small organizations 5 m3 of concrete per hour. The most popular are enterprises producing concrete in volumes of 50-60 m3 per hour.

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