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How much is the investment cost of Small Concrete Plant

Aaron posted this article in June 02, 2020

There are many models of small concrete batching plant equipment. Generally, the production of less than 50 cubic meters per hour is called a small batching plant. Today, take the HZS50 batching plant as an example.

The theoretical production capacity of HZS50 batching plant is 50m³ per hour, using Js1000 concrete mixer, Feeding with lifting hopper,Small footprint and low investment cost,The batching machine has three feed bins and four bins,Can be customized according to actual needs. Cement silos generally use horizontal cement tanks and integral cement tanks.

How much is the investment cost of Small Concrete Plant

The weighing system includes water weighing, cement weighing, admixture weighing, fly ash weighing, and a suitable weighing system is selected according to the required proportion of concrete. The control system is fully automatic and semi-automatic, depending on the actual situation and can be customized.    

The general configuration price of a set of HZS50 batching plant is about 300,00US dollar, which can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

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