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How much does a cubic meter of concrete cost?


In the Philippines, the price of a cubic meter of concrete is on average $ 50, although there are different types and each has its own costs, from $ 25 for precast concrete to $ 75 for reinforced concrete.

Concrete is one of the most used materials in the construction of all types of buildings or urban and suburban architectural elements.

In the calculation that must be carried out to determine the price of the concrete necessary for work or reform, it is essential to have the data and the plans, which will determine with precision the volumes that will be required.

How much does a cubic meter of concrete cost

How much does a cubic meter of concrete cost1

What is concrete?

Concrete is a composite material essentially consisting of a binder, various types of aggregates or aggregates, water, and in some cases specific additives, which accelerate or delay the setting process. The binder is, in most cases, Portland cement, which mixed with the right proportion of water will produce a hydration reaction. The cement, after adding the water, becomes a moldable paste that has adherent properties, and that sets in a few hours, reaching a stony consistency.

Cement is mainly hydrated calcium silicate and is the compound that gives it the adhesion properties with aggregates.

The aggregates used in the manufacture of concrete are gravel, gravel, and sand. The mixture of cement with sand and water, without the participation of any type of aggregates, is called mortar and is generally used in plasters, finishes, and in the union of load-bearing elements of walls, such as bricks, tiles, etc.

There are concretes that are manufactured with a different binder than cement, called asphalt cement, for example, in which bitumen is used to make the mixture.

When conditions require it, an additive can be used in the mixture to speed up or slow down it's setting. It is possible to find on the market a great variety of colorants, setting accelerators and retarders, fluidizers, waterproofing agents, and the like. Responsible use of any of these additives indicates that it should not exceed 1% of the total mass of the concrete.

Machinery and equipment for the production of concrete

The application of concrete is very wide and there are many kinds. If it is difficult to achieve mass production only by relying on labor, it is necessary to use machinery instead of labor at this time. The concrete batching plant is the equipment used to produce concrete, which can produce a large amount of concrete per hour. Reduce project costs.

We are a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plant equipment, which can be exported to various countries in large quantities.

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