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How long does it take to install concrete batching plant


What preparations need to be completed before installation?

Before installing the concrete batching plant, the following work must be completed:

1. Water and electricity connection

Water and electrical connections must be made in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements and in good condition. The main fuse and water connection must meet the requirements of the wiring diagram. If necessary, a generator can be used to supply power to the concrete plant, and in order to ensure an even supply of water, it is recommended to install a water storage tank.

How long does it take to install concrete batching plant1

2. Lay the foundation

In the manufacture of the foundation of a concrete batching plant, its configuration, model and load-bearing capacity must be considered. Many modern factories can minimize the cost of basic production by producing low slopes under the hopper. This improvement helps to increase the practicality of the loader, which fills the material into the hopper. If the foundation is soil with sufficient bearing capacity, then for the construction of the foundation, pavement slabs or areas covered only with rubble can be used. If soil reinforcement and foundation reinforcement are carried out by filling piles, the production cost of foundation will increase greatly.

3. Raw materials

In order to successfully commission the factory, it is necessary to have the necessary raw material base, which will be necessary during the work process, especially if you plan to start production immediately after the factory installation.

How long does it take to install concrete batching plant2

4. Installation address of concrete batching plant

In order to speed up the installation of factory assembly, the work platform should provide enough space to accommodate auxiliary equipment, such as cranes. The advantage of the lowest working location is especially important when installing factories in areas where the land is expensive or restricted in use (large cities or expensive locations with smaller areas). On average, a mobile concrete plant requires a 20m x 50m site.

Usually, the time required to complete a factory at the customer ’s site is as much as the factory ’s manufacturing time. There are also concrete plants that have a much longer installation time than their manufacturing time. Sometimes, the concrete batching plant is carried out under harsh weather conditions, and will bring additional financial costs to customers, such as expensive crane costs.

How long does it take to start concrete production?

It takes only 3-8 working days to install a decent modern concrete factory. By pre-assembling the main equipment, installing winter equipment (especially insulation panels) and pipes for water and wires, equipping the factory with the manufacturer's quick disconnect device and testing the equipment immediately before leaving the factory, you can achieve a tight installation deadline. When the customer commissions the factory for commissioning, it is sufficient to prepare the water and electricity connections to have the necessary raw materials.

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