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Foundation-free Concrete Batching Plant in Caloocan, Philippines


Recently, many customers in Philippine have inquired about the foundation-free concrete batching plant. So what is the foundation-free concrete batching plant and what are the characteristics? In this article, we will talk about this for our Philippine customers.

Foundation free Concrete Batching Plant in Philippines

About Foundation-free Concrete Batching Plant

At present, there are two types of concrete batching plants without foundation: hopper type batching plants and belt type batching plants. In fact, the foundation-free concrete batching plant is not completed without the foundation. The ground also needs to be hardened, and there is still a shallow foundation below the ground. Of course you do not need a foundation as deep as a stationary concrete batching plant. The foundation-free concrete batching plant can save the process of designing and installing the foundation, which greatly saves the time and foundation cost of building the concrete batching plant for customers.

Analysis of Foundation-free Concrete Batching Plant

The equipment composition of the foundation-free concrete batching plant is same as the traditional concrete batching plant, except for the layout and transportation mode. The equipment composition is basically as same as the traditional mixing plant. It can be said that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, let us talk about the pros and cons of foundation-free concrete batching plant.

  • The frame structure adopted by the batching system of the foundation-free concrete batching plant, all equipment components are placed on a heavy steel structure chassis, the advantage is that it increases the stability of the equipment, but the disadvantage is that it increases the weight of the equipment. It increases the difficulty of movement of the concrete batching plant when it needs.
  • The mixing unit and the metering unit adopt a frame structure, and these two are connected together by bolts. During transportation, it can be folded along the hinge point to reduce the space.
  • The electrical system adopts the form of quick-plug connectors, which reduces the installation time of the equipment.
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