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Environmental Protection Concrete Batching Plant


Environmental protection concrete batching plant

The environmental protection batch plant is environmentally friendly, and it is not limited to the surface. It is the drafting of the national standard GB / T10171-2020 of the "Construction Machinery and Equipment Concrete batching plant" and the industry standard JB / T12816-2016 of the "Environmental Protection Concrete batching plant of Construction Machinery and Equipment". Formulate the unit! The environmentally friendly batching plant has been tested by the National Environmental Analysis and Testing Center and has excellent environmental performance, ranking first in the industry! Outdoor dust emission <1mg / m³ Indoor dust emission <5mg / m³ Outdoor noise <60db.

Environmental Protection Concrete Batching Plant

Performance characteristics

Outdoor dust emission < 1mg / m³

Indoor dust emission < 5mg / m³

Outdoor noise < 60db

Zero discharge of waste water and waste

Full package

Professional, reliable and beautiful Zhonglian environmental protection outer packaging


Professional design by Grade A architectural design qualification unit and construction by Grade 1 steel structure construction qualification unit;

A variety of cost-effective, personalized external sealing solutions such as reportable construction and non-reportable construction;


Nearly 300 sets of environmental protection station construction management experience, effectively guarantee the construction progress and quality;

Strong ability to resist wind and snow, fully comply with the design specifications of the steel structure building, and there is no hidden danger;


The shape integrates the artistic concept and the appearance is grand;

Combine with the landscape design to coordinate with the surrounding environment.

Low dust

Outdoor dust emission <1mg / m³, indoor dust emission <5g / m³

Integrated dust removal system in main building

The pulse-reverse bag-type dust collector is used for centralized dust removal of the main machine and the intermediate warehouse;

Complete dust removal, efficiency can reach 99.9%;

Low maintenance cost in the later period, less than 1/5 of the cost of the filter element dust removal method.

Dust removal system for powder silo explosion-proof silo

Using pulse reverse blowing bag dust collector, the dust removal area is 28㎡, continuous blowing and cleaning, and the dust removal effect is good.

The filter bag has long service life, easy replacement and low maintenance cost;

Equipped with pressure safety valve to effectively control the pressure in the powder bin;

Equipped with bag valve + differential pressure meter, when the pressure in the powder bin exceeds the set value, the protection device is automatically activated, the beating port is closed, and the feeding is stopped to ensure safe production;

It can be equipped with a secondary dust removal system to completely prevent dust ashing in the powder silo.

Material yard dust removal system

The material yard is fully encapsulated to ensure the moisture content of the gravel;

Equipped with an intelligent spray system, and automatically controls the switch according to the dust concentration of the yard;

Energy consumption is 1/10 of the conventional spray device;

The water consumption is only 1/30 of the conventional spray device;

Inclined belt dust removal system

Inclined belt tail material connection and disposal increase pulse dust collector to reduce dust;

Floor-mounted package of inclined belt conveyor, dustproof and anti-dropping in the whole process;

The whole package between the inclined belt and the material yard .

low noise

The use of low-noise equipment and noise reduction design can meet the emission requirements of the Class II area of industrial enterprise noise emission standards, <60db during the day and <50db at night.

Screw air compressor-low noise

Low noise, low energy consumption, maintenance-free, and long service life;

30% lower than piston air compressors.

Ground silo batching machine-small impact

All-concrete structure storage silo, with more storage materials and long service life, reduce the impact of sand and stone materials;

Aggregate measurement is underground, effectively reducing noise.

Anti-vibration pad of mixing machine-small vibration

Reduce the vibration when the host works.

Air compressor centralized air supply and beating-feeding and noise reduction

No need to use the air compressor on the bulk cement truck to blow the material, and the screw air compressor has a centralized air supply and low noise.

Effectively reduce cement temperature to ensure continuous feeding of silos

Effective water removal, cement is not easy to get wet, filter bag is not easy to harden

Increased delivery efficiency

Backstage automatic feeding system-free loader

The loading of sand and gravel materials through the belt to avoid the noise caused by the frequent work of the loader;

The average cost per square meter of concrete is 1.2 yuan.

zero emission

Sand and stone separation device

A sand separator is used to separate the remaining materials of the cleaning mixer;

The separated sand and stones can be reused.

Slurry water recovery system

The separated slurry water is stirred and precipitated into clean water for repeated recycling.

Automatic car washing device

Cleaning mixer device

Clean the tank body, chassis, tires and other parts of the mixer truck to ensure that each truck leaving the factory is clean and free of dripping.

Mud filter press system

The pressure filter system can filter sewage and compress the mud into blocks to ensure zero waste discharge.

high efficiency

Production efficiency is at an advanced level in the industry, achieving efficient production

Large angle discharge of aggregate intermediate silo;

Water scale self-dropping water discharge into the mixing host;

Optimize and solidify the debugging parameters of each unit;

The performance of each functional unit is highly matched.

high performance

High efficiency-ordinary concrete, the mixing time is shortened from 35s to 20s;

High performance concrete, the mixing time is shortened from 90s to 35s;

Energy saving-large space design, low idle current of the host, energy saving 15%;

The energy consumption of the production of single-sided concrete is 0.4 degrees per cubic meter, which is 20% lower than that of its counterparts.

Durable-five-fold closed shaft end seal, life> 70,000 cans;

Safety-Double inspection door, double safety switch, plus safety lock, multiple protection, safer maintenance;

Cleaning-can be equipped with high-pressure cleaning device to achieve 360 ° no dead angle cleaning.

High precision

All materials have a measurement accuracy of over 90%, leading the industry

High-precision measurement technology-the use of the latest international high-precision measurement algorithm, bus communication, digital signal transmission, effectively improve the accuracy of material weighing

Material drop automatic correction technology-during the production process, the material can be tracked and sampled in real time, and the flow drop, flow rate, upper plate drop, etc. can be used to correct this plate drop to ensure measurement accuracy.

Patented liquid coarse and precise weighing measurement-to ensure high accuracy of liquid measurement;

Intelligent detection function of scale body failure, stable and reliable measurement;

The admixture adopts the screw conveyance of the mother and son, which effectively guarantees the measurement accuracy of the powder.

Intelligent management

Advanced control system

Silo continuous position display, real-time grasp of remaining material information;

High-precision measurement control and accurate real-time inventory;

Reliable data protection and automatic data diagnosis technology;

Black box function, effective anti-stealing technology;

Intelligent detection function of scale body failure, stable and reliable measurement.

Electronically controlled value-added services

Admixture temperature control system

Network video management, laboratory management, pound room management;

Network dispatch management (one card).

Information Management (ERP)

Centralized management of raw materials, materials, sales and production;

Recipe ratio, vehicles, accessories, financial visualization management;

Realize Internet remote office and multi-station centralized management.

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