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Dry Concrete Batching Plant For Sale In Philippines


The name of the dry concrete mixing plant sounds a bit different because we know that the preparation process of concrete includes at least three aspects: aggregate, powder, and water. Since water is added, how can it be dry mixing? Moreover, all concrete as we know it has fluidity. To prevent the initial setting and ensure plasticity before arrival, it is impossible to be dry at all! In fact, the difference is not only the name, the dry mixing plant is also different from other mixing plants, that is, but there is also no concrete Mixer!

Dry concrete batching plant is also called dry-concrete batching plant, or it can be called dry-concrete batching plant altogether. It has no mixing host and is a kind of aggregate. After the powder is weighed and mixed, it is directly discharged into the mixing station in the concrete mixer truck. . Therefore, as the equipment of the dry mixing station, it includes: aggregate feeding system, powder feeding system, control system, batching machine, etc., but there is no host and liquid conveying system.

25m3h small batching plant   mini batch plant

After completing the batching and weighing action, the aggregate and cement are put into the mixing tank of the concrete mixer truck together, and the preparation is completed under the stirring action of the mixing tank, and the water and additives are provided by the mixer truck. So we call such a station a dry-mixing station, which is where its name comes from.

Dry concrete batching plant has both disadvantages and advantages:

The advantage is: because of the special working mode, such a mixing plant is suitable for the task of providing concrete to a remote transportation site. The mixing process is placed in the mixer truck, which saves the construction period and can also slow down the initial setting time of the ready-mixed concrete. When it is transported over long distances, the quality of the concrete can be ensured. However, the use of mixing tanks for mixing is also used for small works. For engineering use where the quality of concrete itself is not high.

The disadvantage is that although the cost of the dry mixing station itself is low if it is used for mass production, it will not work. First, the work efficiency cannot keep up, because the effective mixing volume of a mixer truck is too small to meet mass production. Second, if too many mixer trucks are invested, the cost will increase and the economic benefits will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when purchasing, the dry mixing plant can be used as good supplementary equipment, but it cannot be used as a mainstream concrete mixing plant.

At present, there are many types of concrete mixing plants in the market, such as mobile stations, commodity stations, engineering stations, or dual-master stations, and small stations. In fact, the choice of these classifications has brought a lot of burden to customers. If customers don’t understand , You can ask the professionals one by one, and the explanation of the dry mixing station is basically the above mentioned, I hope it will be helpful to the customers.

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