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Concrete Pump For Sale in Philippines


Philippines Concrete Pump Structure

Concrete pump structure: 1. Chassis; 2. Boom system; 3. Turret; 4. Hydraulic system; 5. Electrical system; 6. Pumping system 

The concrete pump truck is a device that integrates the pumping system for pumping concrete and the boom system for distributing on the chassis of the car. The pumping system uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete in the hopper into In the pipeline, the pipeline is attached to the boom, and the operator controls the movement of the boom to directly send the concrete pumped by the pumping system to the pouring point.

Concrete Pump For Sale in Philippines

Philippines Concrete Pump type

There are many types of concrete pumps, such as concrete mixer pump, concrete pump truck, and concrete pump, They all have one thing in common, That is through pressure transport the concrete to the place where it needs to be poured.

concrete mixer pump in Philippines

Concrete mixer pump is the mechanical equipment that combines mixing and conveying. It is the most popular equipment in the Philippines.

concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck is a device for installing a concrete pump on a truck,Can move.

Philippines Concrete Pump manufacturer

Camelway produces concrete batching plants, concrete pumps, concrete mixers, and other mechanical equipment. With 37 years of production experience, our customers trust us very much, and we have perfect after-sales service.

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