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How to choose the right concrete pump?


Concrete pump is a construction equipment that transports concrete by pressure through a pipeline. It is equipped with a special pipeline that can continuously and horizontally transport concrete along the pipeline. It is an ideal type of existing concrete transportation equipment. The production of ready-mixed concrete is combined with pumping construction, and the concrete mixer truck is used for intermediate operation to achieve continuous pumping and pouring of concrete. Used for concrete transportation of large concrete projects.

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Concrete pump can also be called mobile concrete pump,the electronic logic controller (PLC) control system makes the circuit simple and runs well.Safety voltage lamps are very practical for night work and maintenance.Unique open hydraulic system and hydraulic buffer technology can minimize the number of replacementsImpact force and system heat are reduced.The forced air-cooled heat exchanger keeps the temperature of the hydraulic oil below 60 degrees, thus ensuringThe entire hydraulic system operates under normal conditions.Perfect maintenance and disassembly of all wearing parts are very practical.

The following points should be considered when we choose a suitable concrete pump:

  1. Concrete pouring requirements
  2. The type and structure of the building
  3. Construction practicality
  4. Construction business volume
  5. Product configuration
  6. Power system
  7. Operating system
  8. After-sales service

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