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Concrete Production Equipment


The mechanical equipment used to produce concrete is called a concrete batching plant, which can quickly mix concrete. Concrete is a necessary building material for modern buildings. Whether it is bridges, highways, telephone poles, prefabricated parts, etc., cannot be separated from concrete, resulting in concrete The price is getting higher and higher, so many people start to buy concrete batching plants to produce concrete for their own use, or sell concrete.

We are a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plants, a company that can customize equipment according to the concrete needs of customers. We can provide you with various types of batching plants of various output, allowing you to reduce the cost of using concrete, or even You can also use the concrete batching plant to make a profit.

Concrete batching plants are classified by loading inert materials (crushed stone and sand) directly into the concrete mixer. Determine the following boot method:

1. Hopper feeding

2. Belt or conveyor feeding

Small Concrete Batching Plant

Feeding type: hopper feeding

Productivity: 25m³ / h-75m³ / h

Concrete Production Equipment

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Feeding type: belt feeding

Productivity: 90m³ / h-240m³ / h

Concrete Production Equipment

Simple Concrete Batching Plant

An engineering concrete batching plant is very popular with customers because of its cheap price and good quality.

If you are unable to determine the power and quantity required by the equipment, or cannot determine the specific production requirements, Camelway Aaron experts will be ready to help you make the right choice!

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