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Concrete Mixer Pump Function, Concrete Mixer Pump For Sale


The application scenarios of the concrete mixer pump and the concrete mixer are different. The concrete mixer can only mix concrete. However, the concrete mixer pump has one more function than the concrete mixer,That is to transport concrete, Able to transport concrete under various harsh conditions, the Very high degree of automation, Integrate feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping, Can save a lot of labor costs; Simple operation and stable performance; Reliable product quality and low failure rate, Also improves the overall reliability of the machine, Wide application range of concrete mixer pump, Concrete mixer pump can be used for the transportation of concrete in engineering construction, foundation pile grouting, silt transportation, The high-performance structure system configuration of the mixing equipment ensures zero failure of the pumping.

Adopting advanced S-valve reversing can meet the requirements of concrete conveying. The glasses plate and cutting ring adopt cemented carbide materials, which have a longer life and high outlet pressure, which can meet high-rise buildings and long-distance transportation; hydraulic cooling adopts water cooling, which is easy to use; It has a reverse pump function to reduce pipeline blockage; it is equipped with a manual lubrication system to ensure service life, and the electric control cabinet is equipped with wire remote control.

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Camelway specializes in the production of concrete mixer pumps. With more than 37 years of production experience, it is able to produce various types of concrete mixer pumps. Because Camelway is a manufacturer of machinery, our price for concrete mixer pumps is relatively low, and we also sell supporting machinery, Such as concrete mixer pump, concrete mixing plant, brick making machine, and various construction machinery and equipment.

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