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Concrete Mixer For Sale


Introduction of concrete mixer

The concrete mixer is a special concrete mixer for large concrete batching plants. Features: A full range of heavy-duty designs, with high output and ultra-durable advantages.

1. The agitating arm of the mixing device is streamlined both in the axial and radial directions. During the mixing process, it not only produces a radial cutting effect on the material but also effectively promotes the material in the axial direction, so that the material is stirred more vigorously and the concrete can be homogeneous in a short time. State, and because of the unique design of the mixing device, the cement utilization rate is improved.

2. The transmission device is driven by a planetary gear reducer. This design has a compact structure, smooth transmission, low noise, and long service life.

3. Fully automatic grease lubrication system All lubrication points are lubricated by an electric grease pump through a progressive distributor. The grease pressure is high, the viscosity is large, and the power consumption is small, which reduces the pollution of the grease to the concrete.

4. The hydraulic unloading device avoids the phenomenon that the unloading door cannot be opened due to insufficient air pressure caused by the pneumatic unloading, and the "half-open" angle can be adjusted arbitrarily. A manual door opening device is provided, which can be moved by pressing in an emergency The manual discharge handle opens the discharge door.

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Features of concrete mixer

The twin-shaft concrete mixer has the characteristics of short mixing time, rapid discharge, uniform mixing, and high productivity. It can achieve good mixing effects for concrete with dry hardness, plasticity, and various ratios. The wear-resistant materials for the mixer lining and mixing blades are specially treated, and the unique shaft ends support and sealing type greatly improve the service life of the main machine.

Concrete mixer Manufacturer

Camelway's series of products include JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, and other models, which can be combined with different types of PLD series batches to form a concrete batching plant and can also be used as a concrete batching plant host.

The twin-shaft forced mixer can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete, and various mortars, and is suitable for various construction projects and prefabricated construction plant applications. 

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