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Concrete Mixer Classification and Components

Aaron posted this article in May 21, 2020

Concrete mixer classification

Concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, aggregate, water and other materials with a certain ratio

According to the type of stirring, it can be divided into:

continuous concrete mixer: Concrete mixer for continuous feeding, mixing and discharging in proportion

gravitation concrete mxiers:The concrete mixing material is brought to a high place by the blade fixed in the mixing drum, Concrete mixer for mixing by self-weight drop.

reversing concrete mixer:The two ends of the mixing barrel are truncated cone cylinders, the middle part is a cylinder, and the blades are fixed inside,Stirring barrel forward feeding and stirring,Reverse discharge concrete mixer.

tilting concrete mixer:Concrete mixer with tipping mixing drum discharge.

compusory concrete mixer:Concrete mixer with forced mixing by rotating mixing blades or devices.

twin shaft concrete mixer : Equipped with two parallel stirring shafts, equipped with spiral ribbon blades, to stir the stirring materials.

Concrete Mixer Classification and Components

Concrete Mixer Classification and Components

Components of concrete mixer

mixing tank:Accommodate material and mixing material.

mixing tank gear ring: Installed on the mixing tank and Ring gear driving the mixing tank to rotate.

supporting wheel:Scroll wheel supporting the mixing tank

liner plate:Wear plate installed on the inner wall of the mixing tank

Lifting hopper : Used to lift materials to the mixing tank

We can produce all the mixer types mentioned above, we are a manufacturer with more than thirty years.

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