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Concrete Batching Plant: Types and Applications

hitoy posted this article in July 30, 2020

Concrete is used in the vast majority of construction work. It can be manufactured on site or transported from nearby concrete supply enterprises. If the company is engaged in construction on an ongoing basis, then it would be advisable to purchase its own concrete batching plant. Camelway Machinery is engaged in the production of stationary and mobile batching plants. In the article, we will analyze the main differences and areas of application of concrete batching plant.

concrete batching plant

Application of Concrete Batching Plants

Batching Plant is successfully used for the production of a wide variety of building mixtures: latex polymer concrete, foam concrete, self-compacting concrete, fast-hardening mixtures, mobile and low-flow mortars, dry mixtures, etc.

Various components can be added to the composition in the form of slag, ash, volcanic tuff, chemical constituents, etc. Due to this, it is possible to obtain concrete of various grades.

Areas of use:

  • construction industry (concrete for foundations, walls, floors);
  • transport sector (organization of bridges, highways, dams, runways);
  • utilities (production of curbs, sidewalks, repair work);
  • mining industry;
  • production of concrete and building mixtures for implementation.

Concrete Batching Plant Types: Mobile and Stationary Batching Plant

Both versions of the units can be operated all year round and are produced in summer and winter versions. Batching Plant have two types of operation model: automated and manual.

Stationary Batching Plants

Such equipment is installed on the basis of factories for the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products, for example, building blocks, curbs, etc. Stationary batching plants are responsible for the uninterrupted production of mixtures, possibly in several shifts. The units are not designed for frequent dismantling and transportation of equipment.

Mobile Batching Plants

They have compact dimensions, are easy to dismantle and assemble, due to which such batching plants are easy to transport from one location to another. This makes it possible to use the plants directly in the construction site, moving with the developer to various objects. Construction companies with their own batching plants solve several problems at once:

  • there is no need to look for concrete suppliers at each new facility;
  • no problems with transportation, which can affect the quality of the mixture;

Batching Plant from the manufacturer

Concrete Batching plants are selected depending on the required production volume. The equipment is also selected taking into account the tasks and the type of mixtures. Camelway specialists will help you calculate and select all the characteristics. Each batching plant project is developed individually for the client's requirements, the equipment can be very different.

We manufacture concrete mixing plants with a capacity of 25 to 240 m3 / hour. All equipment is provided with 24 months of official warranty. Also, our masters provide installation and commissioning services. 

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