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Concrete Batching Plant Standard Configuration


Concrete batching plant, as known as, concrete mixing plant, concrete plant or a batching plant, is a kind of equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete such as crushed stone, sand, water and admixture chemicals. The mechanical equipment of concrete mixing plant is a mixing machine that distributes transports and mixes various raw materials in proportion to form concrete. The mechanical configuration of concrete mixing plant is widely used in the construction of high-grade highways, urban roads, squares, and airports, etc. In this article, we will mainly discuss concrete batching plant standard configuration.

Concrete Batching Plant Standard Configuration

The Standard Configuration of Concrete Batching Plant is as follow:

Material water supply system.

The water supply system is a necessary part of the mixing plant equipment. It is mainly used for the graded supply of water to adjust the water content of the finished material to meet the requirements of the engineering construction.

Powder supply system

The cement supply system is mainly composed of cement storage bins, screw feeders and powder belt scales, etc., which are used for cement storage, transportation, transfer and measurement. Among them, the storage bin is mainly used for temporary storage of powder, and the screw feeder and powder belt scale are mainly used for conveying, transferring and measuring the cement in the storage bin.

Mixed material storage silo of concrete batching plant

The mixed material storage silo is mainly used for the temporary storage of the mixed material to facilitate the alternation, turnover and deployment of vehicles.

Electrical control system

The electrical control system is mainly composed of two parts: a strong current control part and a computer control part, which are used to effectively protect the circuit of the whole set of equipment and directly display and monitor the operation of the equipment.

Central mixer

The central mixer is a key component of the concrete batching plant. It has a variety of structural forms. The most commonly used mixer is twin-shaft concrete mixer.

Batching Machine

The batching unit consists of multiple batching machines (the standard configuration is 4, which can be appropriately added according to the needs of users), which are mainly used for aggregates (gravel, gravel, sand, soil, etc.) and digestion of lime, fly ash and other materials.

Aggregate belt conveyor

The aggregate belt conveyor is mainly used to transport the materials measured and sent out by the batching unit to the mixer for mixing. Its structure and working principle are the same as those of a general belt conveyor.

Feeding belt conveyor

The feeding belt conveyor mainly transports the material that has been mixed and discharged by the mixer to the mixed material storage bin for temporary storage, so that it can be loaded by transportation vehicles and transported to the construction site.

Customize Your Concrete Batching Plant

The control system has different functions and configurations according to the different requirements of users and the size of the concrete batching plant. And we are able to customize concrete batching plant for you depend on your request.

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