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Concrete Batching Plant Price and Details

Aaron posted this article in June 05, 2020

The concrete plants of the HZS brand produced by the Camelway Group are available in several production capacities. To provide each size of concrete production plant project, the suitable production capacity. Also in order to provide the customer with a wide choice and taking into consideration the financial constraints that hinder the realization of a project for a concrete production and distribution unit. The wide choices offered by the company make it possible to choose the concrete batching plant whose price and maintaining the budget devoted to the financing of a concrete batching plant purchase project.

Concrete Batching Plant Price and Details

The production capacity of concrete plants

The production capacities of the HZS brand concrete plants offered by the Camelway Group are the following:

- Concrete plant with production capacity of: 30 m³ of concrete per hour

- Concrete plant with production capacity of: 45 m³ of concrete per hour

- Concrete plant with production capacity of: 65 m³ of concrete per hour

- Concrete plant with production capacity of: 90 m³ of concrete per hour

- Concrete plant with production capacity of: 120 m³ of concrete per hour

Concrete Batching Plants Price List

The following table shows the prices of HZS brand concrete batching plants produced by the Camelway Group according to the production capacity.

Production capacityPrice
30 m³ / Hour


45 m³ / Hour


65 m³ / Hour


90 m³ / Hour


The prices of the concrete plants marketed by the Camelway Group are very reasonable prices compared to the added value that the concrete plant gives to a concrete production unit project, either in terms of production capacity. concrete, or high technology which makes the production of concrete more fluid and perfect.

Concrete batching plant for sale

The China company Camelway has exported concrete batching plants to many countries in the world and on different continents, notably in Asia - Europe - Africa. Currently, HZS brand concrete plants from the Camelway Group company exist in each of the following countries:

The company's sales are also distributed in 30 countries around the world. The company's main business is exporting concrete batching plant equipment and paver manufacturing machinery, as well as concrete block machines.

Camelway's concrete factory sales have grown rapidly and have grown rapidly due to the high-quality concrete factories manufactured and delivered to many customers around the world.

Concrete Batching Plant Price and Details

Camelway Group provides the client with a range of valuable services in addition to providing the different types of concrete plants they manufacture. The company provides technical support to the client throughout the phases of the completion of a concrete production unit project, the company's experts being responsible for carefully studying the production unit project client's concrete and suggest the necessary improvements and guidelines to avoid making mistakes and overcoming obstacles encountered in the implementation of the project.

Before acquiring a concrete plant, the client must provide the space that will host the concrete plant project. The process of making the land available is carried out in coordination with the experts of the company who ensure the availability of the space chosen under the conditions necessary for the success of the concrete production unit project such as the availability of factors of production namely electricity and water.

Concrete Batching Plant Price and Details1

The high production capacity of the concrete batching plant and the high quality are considered as one of the most important criteria which characterize the machinery of the company Camelway, and the prices of the concrete batching plants are considered reasonable and appropriate prices in relation the quality of the concrete and the large production quantities that the machine can supply.

The company Camelway Group offers its customers professional technical support at all stages of the realization of a concrete plant project where the project is studied by the experts of the company in order to give important and precise observations to succeed. the concrete production unit project.

Import of a concrete batching plant

The concrete plant project is considered one of the important strategic projects in most countries of the world, thanks to the high demand on concrete.

The company Camelway is a China producer and supplier of concrete plants, and various other machine namely concrete block, paving and border production machine, it has accumulated a long experience in the field of manufacturing and export of concrete plants. Yet the concrete plants of Camelway have been exported to more than 30 countries around the world. The Camelway Group is ready to supply concrete plants in different countries around the world in order to better satisfy its customers.

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