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Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer In Philippines

Aaron posted this article in May 08, 2020

As the demand for concrete for commercial and residential real estate construction grows, concrete plants and production technologies are actively developing. In order to meet high requirements and ensure that all inert materials, binders and various additives are fully mixed, the equipment and technology used in modern concrete batching plants are constantly being improved.

History of occurrence:

Over the years, concrete mixers have been developed. Before the invention of the concrete mixer, the concrete was manually mixed by construction workers. The initial concrete batching plant was manually loaded. In the 20th century, concrete batching plant were driven by steam to increase productivity.

With the increasing demand for high-quality concrete, concrete mixers have been developed. The new mixer is equipped with a folding mechanism, and the reverse stroke is used to discharge the finished mixture. Two cone systems and other proprietary technologies are used, which improves the concrete production and unloading process.

Later, Twin-shaft concrete mixer was developed. They have vertical rods and horizontal mixing shafts. These factories can process large amounts of materials, and therefore, can produce large quantities of concrete in a short time.

With the increase in output, large concrete batching plants were developed. Such equipment has many additional functions, computer control, improved mixing and effective energy consumption. They include dedicated storage facilities (called silos) for storing gravel, sand and cement to ensure the smooth operation of the entire plant.

High requirements Concrete apply to modern concrete batching plant. They must mix inert materials, crushed stone, sand, various additives and additives in concrete in the correct ratio to obtain high-quality products. ã€‚Subsequently, various classifications were made for concrete batching plants, which were divided into:

1. stationary concrete batching plant

2. Mobile concrete plant (with wheels)

3. Container concrete batching plant

According to temperature conditions:

1. Summer concrete factory

2. Four Seasons / Winter Concrete Plant

The classification methods by loading materials into the mixer are:

1. Hopper

2. conveyor

Camelway's concrete batching plant has an automatic weighing system that can accurately determine the amount of water, inert materials, sand and other chemicals. Automatic weighing helps to accurately determine the material that increases the strength of the concrete mixture. Modern commercial concrete plants have dynamic displays, sensors and other control equipment that can provide accurate feeding and mixing processes. These controls allow the operator to carefully plan and implement the production process.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer In Philippines

Philippine concrete batching plant

In the Philippines, you can find concrete plants of various capacities and types:

You can choose the manufacturer's brand / country / region. Quality will depend on this, and of course depends on the price of the factory. There are various European manufacturers on the market, factory manufacturers from China, Turkey, Russia and other countries. When selecting a specific manufacturer, an important aspect is to provide operational technical support and a spare parts warehouse near the planned site of use.

All of the above equipment is expensive and can usually be compared with the cost of the concrete equipment itself.

A good choice is the Self-Loading Concrete Mixer, which uses the principle of a front-end loader and is equipped with an electronic weighing system that can directly produce concrete of any brand up to 20m³ / h at the construction site.

The design of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer allows you to save extra costs without using a stationary concrete batching plant. The Self-Loading Concrete Mixer can reach a production rate of 20 cubic meters per hour, which can greatly save the cost of independent concrete production.

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