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Concrete Batching Plant Manufacture In Philippines

Aaron posted this article in May 21, 2020

We offer to sell 2 types of concrete factories (Philippine area), one type of Concrete batching plant with a capacity of 50m3, the second concrete batching plant with a capacity of 60m3, concrete machinery produced in Philippines for manufacturing concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacture In Philippines

Each concrete batching plant is independent of each other, each has its own area, independent concrete mixer, and connected by different transmission lines, covering an area of 4 hectares.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacture In Philippines (2)

In this area: a storage room for storing materials, a garage, a warehouse, a dormitory that can accommodate more than 15 people, a control room, a laboratory, two rooms on the ground floor, used by dispatchers Toilets (with separate toilets and toilets), toilets for workers to shower.

We have installed many concrete batching plants in the Philippines, Camelway is a very experienced company that can help you to make continuous profits.

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