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Concrete Batching Plant Introduction


Concrete batching plant is a modernized advanced construction machinery and equipment, which can quickly produce a large amount of high-quality concrete, save a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources. It is a necessary construction machinery for engineering now, especially the rapid development of modern technology, such as High-speed Railway, aircraft Factory, etc. Both the airport and the high-speed rail runway require large amounts of high-quality concrete, the grade is generally above C50, If the concrete is produced manually, the efficiency is very slow, it can be said to be low, but if it is replaced with a concrete batching plant, the maximum output can produce 270m³ in an hour. we all know,Increased production rates mean higher costs,actually not,The price of a complete set of concrete batching plant is very cost-effective compared to manual, Whether it is from the quality or efficiency of the concrete produced, it is far from manual comparison.

China's high-speed rail technology is ranked first in the world, can reach 345 KM per hour, and the high-speed rail is safe, stable and reliable during the operation,Why this happens, partly because China's high-speed rail technology is excellent, and partly because high-speed rail runway requirements are very strict,At this time, the requirements for concrete are even stricter. If the concrete is produced manually, the quality is far from the required standard, and the production efficiency is too slow. At this time, a concrete batching plant was used, which can produce concrete with a C50 mark or higher. Both the hardness and toughness of the concrete are very high, which shows the importance of the concrete batching plant.

Can the concrete batching plant be used only for high-speed rail stations or airports? The answer is no. It can be used in many places, such as the production of telephone poles and prefabricated parts. The most purchased purpose is to sell concrete to obtain high profits. If you can always produce high-grade concrete, your profit for a year is very huge. The profit of one-cubic concrete for low-grade cement is about 10-20 US dollars. Suppose your batching plant produces 200 cubic hours of concrete per hour,10 hours of production per day,One year production 300 days,The profit is 10 * 200 * 10 * 300 = 6000000 (USD), which is only the low-grade concrete produced. If it is high-grade concrete, the profit is higher, so this is why the concrete batching plant industry is extremely popular because High profits.

Concrete Batching Plant price Introduction

What is the cost of the concrete batching plant?

There are three reasons that affect the price of concrete batching plant:

1. The strength of manufacturers is different. The equipment prices of large concrete batching plant manufacturers are a little lower, because they are sold directly to individuals. Some small companies say that they are manufacturers, but they are actually intermediary companies. Eat rebates, then the product price will naturally be higher, and the quality is not guaranteed.

2.The batching plant configuration is different, the same kind of batching plant configuration can be different, because the batching plant is customized according to customer needs.

3.The production volume is different. The reason why the production volume of the batching plant is different is because the size of the concrete mixer is different, so he also causes the price to be different.。

If the customer wants to know the detailed quotation of the concrete batching plant, the customer needs to tell the manufacturer the demand, for example: I want a batching plant of 50 cubic meters per hour, I bought it for the service of brick making machine, or for building a house, the manufacturer will recommend the type of batching plant suitable for you according to the needs you provide, and detailed concrete batching plant price list.

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