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Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Caloocan

Aaron posted this article in October 14, 2020

Caloocan is one of the cities in Metro Manila in the Philippines. It is located to the north of Manila and is the third-largest city in the country after Quezon City and Manila City.

small concrete batching plant in Caloocan

We have a small concrete batching plant project that is installed in Caloocan to serve the construction company. It is a small concrete batching plant with a capacity of 35 cubic meters per hour, using Shiganoma concrete mixer. Energy-saving and efficient, the appearance adopts a simple style, which is conducive to quick disassembly and installation and reduces costs,Because the customer’s budget is limited, the installment payment is used, and the cost has been earned back and is making a profit. We are Caloocan concrete batching plant manufacturer, not a distributor.

Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Caloocan

Features of Concrete Batching Plant in Caloocan

 The concrete batching plant equipment we installed in Caloocan has an automatic drop correction function, At the same time, it also has the function of inching fine weighing, The accuracy and quality of equipment production are guaranteed, And for the maximum speed of feeding, our customer proposed to change the skip-hopper feeding to belt feeding, Increase the production speed again, And we have set up two operation modes, fully automatic and semi-automatic for the equipment. Customers can switch between the operation modes at will to meet the production needs in different situations.

Concrete Batching Plant for Sale in Caloocan1

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer in Caloocan

We are a production plant with a history of 37 years. Our rich production experience makes our customers more willing to trust us. The perfect after-sales service allows us to cooperate with customers for the second and third time. In the Philippines, Caloocan, anyone who wants to know about the concrete batching plant or concrete mixer or concrete equipment accessories can contact us for product information and quotation. Our customer service staff is online 24 hours a day.

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