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Concrete Batching Plant For Sale Brunei


Brunei is a country with very good cooperative relations in China. The trade volume between the two countries is huge, such as: export of crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied natural gas, construction machinery and heavy industry equipment and transportation equipment, industrial products, food, medicine Wait. According to official Brunei statistics, the total value of Brunei's import and export trade in 2017 was 11.968 billion won, up 14% year-on-year. Among them, exports were 7.712 billion yuan, up 13.6% year-on-year; imports were 4.256 billion yuan, up 15.4% year-on-year. From this data, it can be seen that the deep friendship between the two countries. 

In response to the national call,,Now Camelway, a concrete batching plant manufacturer with 37 years of production experience, sells the concrete batching plant to Brunei, Our company is a very powerful manufacturer of concrete batching plants. The company is strong enough to produce all the concrete batching plant equipment on the market. With the state's subsidy for trade export, the price of our concrete batching plant to Brunei is Very cheap, so our company's products are the best choice for customers to buy batching plant equipment.

Concrete batching plant price

The price of a small concrete batching plant is generally tens of thousands of dollars, and the specific figures should be calculated according to the customer's detailed configuration. The price of commercial concrete batching plants is more expensive than that of small equipment. For specific prices, please contact our sales manager. He will give you a detailed quotation according to your needs, and will send planning drawings according to your site.

Why choose Camelway

The equipment has good quality, low price, good pre-sale service and good after-sales service. According to the privately-ordered equipment of the venue, the 24-hour online service can solve customer problems in the first time.

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