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Concrete Batching Plant for Block factory


What is a Block factory

Brick making machine is a machine used to produce various concrete block, And the concrete block factory is a complete assembly line, A whole set of concrete brick factories need a lot of concrete to produce concrete bricks, However, it is impossible to quickly produce high-quality concrete with manual labor, Can only use the machine, For example, concrete batching plant, concrete mixer.

Concrete Batching Plant for Block factory

Many customers buy our concrete batching plant to produce concrete to supply the Block production line, High-quality bricks can be produced quickly, Because the brick making machine not only produces solid bricks but also various types of bricks, Need high-quality concrete, High-quality concrete cannot be produced by manual mixing, Only depend on the machine. Therefore, many customers buy small concrete batching plants to quickly produce concrete.

Concrete Batching Plant for Block factory1

The manufacturing process of the brick factory

Install the concrete batching plant around the Brick making machine line, Then the concrete batching plant runs to discharge the mixed finished concrete directly from the mixer to the inlet of the brick making machine, Then the Brick making machine line quickly hydraulics the concrete into the concrete block.

Concrete Batching Plant for Block factory2

Concrete Batching Plant for Brick Making Machine Line

There are many types of concrete batching plant, such as HZS25 concrete batching plant, small concrete batching plant, which is very compatible with brick making machines, with low price and small footprint, For large brick factories or aerated concrete production lines, our fully automatic concrete batching plant can meet all concrete production requirements.

Concrete Batching Plant for Block factory3

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