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Concrete Batching Plant Common faults


Concrete batching plant Common faults occur in air compressors, pressure reducing valves, pipelines, compressed air processing components, etc.

Concrete Batching Plant Faults And Solution

(1) Common failures of air compressors are damage to the check valve, serious wear of the piston ring, damage to the intake valve, and blockage of the air filter.

After the air compressor stops automatically for more than ten seconds, turn off the power and turn the big belt wheel with your hand. If it can turn around easily, it means that the check valve is not damaged, otherwise it is damaged; it can also be switched according to the automatic pressure switch The exhaust situation of the exhaust port is judged below. If the air compressor is always exhausted after the automatic shutdown, it will not stop until the air compressor restarts, indicating that the check valve has been damaged and needs to be replaced. When the pressure of the air compressor rises slowly and is accompanied by oil leakage, it indicates that the piston ring of the air compressor has been severely worn and should be replaced in time. When the intake valve is damaged or the air filter is blocked, the pressure of the air compressor will rise slowly (but there is no oil blow-by phenomenon). Place the palm of your hand on the air inlet of the air filter. If there is hot air, it means that the air inlet valve is damaged and needs to be replaced; if the suction is small, the air filter is generally dirty and should be cleaned or replaced.

Concrete Batching Plant Common faults

(2) The pressure reducing valve is malfunctioning. If the pressure is not high, it is often the pressure regulating spring breaks or the diaphragm ruptures, which must be updated; the pressure rises slowly, usually because the filter is clogged and should be removed and cleaned.

(3) Pipeline failure. When the joint leaks and the hose ruptures, the leak can be judged by the sound. If the condensate in the pipeline is easy to freeze and block the air path, it should be eliminated in time.

(4) The compressed air processing component fails. The filter element of the oil-water separator is blocked or damaged, and the moving parts of the sewage valve are not flexible. Clean the filter element frequently to remove oil and other impurities in the drain valve. The lubricator does not drip oil, moisture is deposited on the bottom of the oil cup, and the sealing ring of the oil cup mouth is damaged. Check whether the air flow of the air inlet is lower than the fogging flow, whether it is leaking, whether the oil volume adjustment needle valve is blocked, etc.

Concrete Batching Plant Common faults1

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