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Concrete Batching plant as an investment


By carefully analyzing the opinions of experts, we inevitably come to the conclusion - almost all of them agree on the profitability of the concrete production business and the investment attractiveness of such a business idea.

Benefits of Investing in Concrete Batching Plants

The undoubted advantage of financial investments in business projects to create a concrete plant or purchase a finished product is a quick payback. It is this criterion, against the background of high profitability, that first of all encourages potential investors to invest in the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products.

Among other advantages, attention is drawn to the efficiency of investments due to the following factors.

  1. The sales market is practically unlimited in terms of the possibilities of selling the finished product. Concrete is the most popular building material, which has no analogs and will not be for a long time, and construction is a sector where it is impossible to do without concrete. So the potential risk of difficulties in selling products, in this case, does not exist in principle.
  2. Trouble-free and low-cost raw material supply. The supply of all basic components of concrete (cement, crushed stone, sand, water) is not difficult, and the components themselves are inexpensive. These materials in the city are sold everywhere and in any volume. The procurement of auxiliary elements (pigments for decorative concrete, plasticizers, and other additives) can create some problems. In this aspect, it is necessary to acquire in advance a reliable partner supplier that sets forth acceptable conditions for cooperation. The specified components in the total raw material costs are required a little, and their total cost in the cost item is small.
  3. Concrete plants offered on the market (completeness, equipment configuration, production capacity, and other characteristics) are very diverse. With the proper approach, it is not at all difficult to find the best option for any possible amount of investment.
  4. Modular-type concrete plants, which many analysts consider the most effective, and therefore investment attractive, are very compact, their creation from ready-made components completed in the factory allows you to quickly adjust the range of products to market demands. Concrete modular plants are characterized by high productivity at relatively low costs - the automation of the process also makes it possible to minimize the cost of attracting labor resources.
  5. Concrete and concrete mixes represent a wide range of products. Even concretes of the same class (brand) can differ in structure, quality, and individual indicators of technical characteristics. There is always an opportunity to invest in the production, the products of which bring the greatest income and are most in-demand on the market.
  6. Investments in concrete batching plant businesses can take many different formats. In particular, these include third-party investment without applying one's own efforts to business management, co-investment with equity participation in a business, investing in expanding one's own, for example, a construction business, purchasing a plant, and creating one's own business. Investing in a concrete batching plant can take almost any format typical for investing in other business projects.

Concrete Batching plant as an investment

Risks of investing in concrete batching plants

Any investment projects have their own risks. However, objectively, there are not so many of them in the concrete business, the main thing is to know the "enemy in the face", to be able to manage risks and control them.

The primary criteria for the efficiency and competitiveness of the concrete business are:

a pre-prepared and competently drawn up business plan;

availability of modern, high-quality and high-performance equipment;

professional support from specialists with relevant experience in the production of such products and knowledge of the market, capable of promptly reacting to possible changes in the market situation;

understanding how and how your plant is able to occupy its niche in the market and create worthy competition for existing enterprises.

Camelway concrete batching plant offer

It is not difficult to find the most suitable offer for purchasing production facilities.

Camelway specializes exclusively in the sale of the entire set of equipment and production and economic facilities for the arrangement of concrete plants of mobile and stationary types.

The key factors in the attractiveness of purchases in our company are:

a wide range of equipment of the latest generations, different technical characteristics, and cost;

offers for the purchase of unique concrete plants under the trademark, created in the best traditions of foreign and domestic concrete production facilities and endowed with advanced technologies;

ensuring the supply of any additional equipment for the needs of a specific production;

the whole set of equipment and individual premises for the creation of a complex concrete facility directly for the needs of construction projects (automated warehouses, household blocks, compartments for the preparation and supply of additives, cement unloading units, compressors, concrete pumps, automatic mixers and much more);

the entire set of services for any of our customers - the development of a concept, a project of a complete set and configuration of a plant, manufacturing a plant for specific performance parameters, linking equipment to construction sites (sites), commissioning, and start-up, warranty and post-warranty service.

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