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Concrete Batching Plant: 3 Installation Types


After the user purchases the concrete batching plant, the manufacturer will provide the user with installation diagram instruction, so that the relevant personnel can install it in accordance with the prescribed instruction. However, the overall layout of the concrete batching plant is not random.

Concrete Batching Plant 3 Installation Types

The concrete batching plant can ensure the quality of concrete and save cement. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, its productivity has also risen linearly. It is often used in projects with a large amount of work and a long construction period. The concrete batching plant is arranged according to different arrangements. In terms of form, it can be divided into three installation types, which will be analyzed below.

The three installation types of concrete batching plant are mainly divided according to the actual situation. The three installation types are vertical concrete batching plant, horizontal concrete batching plant, and mobile concrete batching plant.

Vertical Concrete Batching Plant

In a vertical concrete batching plant, the material only needs to be upgraded once. The advantages of this installation type of concrete batching plant are high efficiency, small footprint, easy to implement automation. And its disadvantages are complex structure, high manufacturing cost, and high installation height.

Horizontal Concrete Batching Plant

The difference between the horizontal concrete batching plant and the vertical concrete batching plant is that material of horizontal concrete batching plant needs to be upgraded twice. The advantages of this installation type of concrete batching plant are simple structure, low investment, and small building height. The disadvantage is that the material needs to pass through two steps, low efficiency, and low degree of automation.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The most important advantages of the mobile concrete batching plant are its compact structure and highly flexibility.

In summary, in large industrial cities, vertical concrete batching plants is best choice. In smaller cities far away from material supply place, horizontal concrete mixing plants are suitable. Small and medium-sized projects or maintenance projects are suitable for the selection of mobile concrete mixing plants.

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