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Cement Silo for Sale


Camelway cement silo (cement tank) is mainly used in the supporting equipment of concrete batching plant, it is spread in the construction of houses, bridges and water conservancy in every city.

Camelway Cement silo is a closed tank used to store bulk materials. It can store cement, fly ash and other materials. The cement silo tank is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position and quantity of materials and cooperate with the screw delivery pump. It can be used to transport materials to various positions. The transportation and installation of the cement silo is very convenient and the performance is stable and reliable.

Cement Silo 1

The cement silo is composed of the steel structure of the silo body, ladder, guardrail, feeding tube, dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low level gauge, discharge valve, etc.

Cement silo advantages:

1. Good overall performance and long life

2. Good airtight performance and wide application

3. Short construction period and low cost On-site construction, the installation speed is extremely fast and the construction period is extremely short

4, high strength

5. Less area and light weight

The cement silo is an indispensable supporting equipment for the concrete batching plant. If you want to know the model price and technical parameters of the cement silo,

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