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BUY Concrete Batching Plant in Philippines

Aaron posted this article in June 09, 2020

If you want to buy a concrete batching plant, then after reading this article, the price, configuration and type of concrete batching plant will be introduced in detail.

Concrete batching plant configuration list

Concret mixerJS3000JS2000JS1500JS1500JS1000JS1000JS750JS500

4.1 meters discharge height

Pneumatic discharge

Batching machinePLD4800PLD3200PLD2400PLD2400PLD1600PLD1600PLD1200PLD800

Two, three, four warehouses

Choose according to the type of aggregate

Fully enclosed/main body closedIndependent choiceIndependent choiceIndependent choiceIndependent choiceIndependent choicenoNONOOptional according to need
Belt feeding/hopper feeding1 set1 set1 setNO1 setNONONOFeeding method
Cement weighing1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set
Weighing fly ash1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 setIndependent choiceIndependent choice

Raw materials without fly ash Not suitable for this weighing

Additive weighing1 set1 set1 setIndependent choice1 setIndependent choiceIndependent choiceIndependent choice
Water weighing1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 setIndependent choiceIndependent choice

Pneumatic system1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set
electrical system1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set1 set
Screw conveyor9mx49mx49mx38mx38mx38mx28mx28mx1According to the quantity of cement silo
Cement silo200TX3100TX3100TX2100TX2100TX2100TX180TX160TX1Quantity according to need
Fly ash silo200TX1100TX1100TX1100TX1100TX1100TX180TX160TX1
Control SystemFully automaticFully automaticFully automaticFully automaticFully automaticFully automaticAutomatic/central controlAutomatic/central control

Many customers in the Philippines buy small concrete batching plants, (concrete batching plants with an output of less than 50 cubic meters) have low cost, simple installation and disassembly, and can not only be used as projects but also sell concrete for profit, which is also popular in small batching plants. Reason, if you want to buy a concrete batching plant, but the budget is not large, then a small concrete batching plant is your best choice.

BUY Concrete Batching Plant in Philippines1

Philippines concrete batching plant prices

If you want to know the price of concrete batching plant, you can click "Concrete Batching Plant Price List", this article writes the price of some batching plant, just a price range, if you want to know the detailed price of concrete batching plant, you still need to contact us Contact our account manager, you can also leave your email address.

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