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BUY Concrete Batching Plant in Cambodia

Aaron posted this article in June 10, 2020

Three points to know when buying a concrete batching plant

Concrete batching plant is a kind of construction equipment that can quickly produce concrete. It is used to sell concrete to bring huge profits to customers, so many people want to build a concrete batching plant to obtain profits. Before building a concrete batching plant, you must Understand the following three points.

BUY Concrete Batching Plant in Cambodia1

The first point

Cost of concrete batching plant

The cost of concrete batching plant is not just the price of a concrete batching plant, but also the site cost, labor cost, installation cost, and transportation cost. If the price of the equipment you want to buy exceeds your budget, then the process of buying a concrete batching plant It will not be smooth, but some companies will provide instalments. For example, our company Camelway provides instalments. The interest is very very low. The purpose of instalments is to be able to achieve long-term cooperation with customers.

Second point

Concrete mixing station quality

No matter who buys things and wants to buy a better quality product, how can one choose a good quality concrete batching plant? We can observe the quality of the batching plant from all aspects. First of all, we must first look at the scale of the factory that buys the concrete batching plant. It is best to choose a large manufacturer. If you encounter an intermediary, then the price or quality of the batching plant can not be very good. Good assurance, as well as acceptance according to the acceptance criteria during the acceptance of the mixing station, can effectively prevent equipment problems.

Third point

Third point

After sale of concrete batching plant

A company's after-sales service is the most important, why say so, concrete batching plants are consumables´╝îEspecially the parts such as the lining board in the mixer need to be replaced regularly, But if you buy a product from an intermediary, or a product purchased from a place with poor after-sales service, it is not easy to buy accessory parts. If there is a problem with the equipment, the intermediary does not have after-sales service because they do not have a factory.

Camelway is a manufacturer of concrete batching plants with 37 years of production experience. It can produce all types of concrete batching plants on the market. Camelway has always aimed at creating sustainable profits for its customers.

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