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Block Making Machine for sale in Philippines


Camelway block making machine has full automatic and semi-automatic. The full-automatic block making machine production line includes a child-mother car and steam curing. Its high degree of automation, it can realize feeding, mixing molding, conveying and curing, and fully automated production of all processes for palletizing, The semi-automatic block making machine production line is an automatic production line with frame maintenance. The configuration is simple and the operation mode is compact. It can realize automatic continuous production from feeding to block palletizing.

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Camelway produce no-burn brick machine,The hydraulic system of the hydraulic brick-free brick machine adopts the energy-saving working principle design,Hydraulic non-sintering brick machine is a non-sintering brick machine using hydraulic power to make bricks, which is the mainstream model of large brick machine. It is also necessary to distinguish the non-fired brick machine that makes bricks by mechanical vibration.

The hydraulic non-fired brick machine has the following characteristics: high-frequency low-amplitude strong table vibration, adjustable frequency, to ensure that concrete works of various shapes and specifications achieve stable molding

The hydraulic brick machine operating system adopts the worlds advanced programmable controller PLC and human-machine interface touch screen control. It is equipped with a data input device, safety logic control, and fault diagnosis system, which can achieve ideal human-machine dialogue. Perform manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic mode operations. The parameters of each actuator can be set at will. Can guarantee the quality and efficiency of the product.

The hydraulic brick machine adopts heavy-duty structure design. Made with high-strength steel by special welding technology. It can ensure that the body has good rigidity, self-importance and no resonance with the excitation system. Can extend the life of the machine.

Material storage and distribution device: adopt closed belt conveying, strictly control the semi-material storage volume of small materials, and do with the delivery and use, to prevent the concrete from being liquefied in advance due to the impact of aftershocks and ensure the strength of the product.

Unique vibration form: use the computer to control the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system to complete the vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and braking; the advanced table mold compression vibration form makes the concrete fully liquefied and exhausted within 2-3 seconds. Use excess oil when pressurized to convert it into shock force, thus basically eliminating energy consumption

Camelway has provided the precast concrete plants and concrete transportation systems for the manufacturing of precast products in many countries all over the world, presents a complete solution to its clients by adding concrete block making machine into its product range.

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