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Automatic Concrete Mixers Supplier


concrete mixer pump, with a large capacity diesel engine and telescopic legs that allow height adjustment. Concrete mixers designed to work in addition to spraying machines. Manufactured from the best materials and with excellent performance, these automatic concrete mixers have a powerful diesel engine to work with or without electricity.

It is high-performance equipment that has 4 legs that can be adjusted to different heights and that allows it to be used with machinery to project mixtures.

This versatility is enhanced by a centralized automatic operating system that manages precise mechanical lifting of the loader for the most demanding tasks. This is possible because it has a fairly robust hydraulic cylinder that includes a chrome-hardened rod, which facilitates its operation in various working modes.

Automatic Concrete Mixers Supplier

The characteristics of these powerful machines are the product of continuous development for easy and maintenance-free operation. For this reason, they have a continuous greasing system in the internal bearings that give maximum efficiency to the large mixing drum.

These low maintenance qualities during its useful life are also related to the incorporation of a water tank that doses the flow for precise measurement.

Automatic Concrete Mixers Supplier1

In addition, this versatile compartment includes a stopcock and an extra hose to keep it clean.

Summary Features:

- Drum drive by the toothed crown, guided by heat-treated rollers and permanently greased.

- Gear reducer in the oil bath. Hardened and hardened drive pinion.

- Water dosing tank with exact measurement. With stopcock and additional hose for daily cleaning of the machine.

- Centralized electrical control.

- Hydraulic lifting of the loader. Very robust cylinder with hard chrome coated stem.

- Models with a 400-PD and 450-PD diesel engine can work both in sites with and without electrical installation, thanks to their diesel engine unit.

- Equipped with four chromed telescopic legs that allow it to be raised to the necessary height to work with concrete mixer machines.

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