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90m3/h Concrete Plant For Sale


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"Concrete Batching Plant" for the production of ready-mixed concrete, masonry and assembly mortars includes:

Concrete mixing unit

A ramp for the supply of non-metallic materials

Cement Silo 

Steam boiler

Air compressor

Warehouse chemical. Additives

Water tank

DT storage tank


90m3h Concrete Plant For Sale

Detailed technical description of concrete plant:

Camelway concrete batching plant with a productivity of 90 m3 of ready-mixed concrete per hour.

Occupied area 40 * 30 meters (with a ramp for loading inert materials).

1.concrete batching plant has an Camelway  JS3000/2000 Concrete mixer (Italy), a batch output of 2m3 (3m3 dry). The average cycle time is 60 seconds. mixer power 110kW. The plant is made in the winter version, 100mm thick sandwich panels are completely insulated. To heat inert materials in the bins, the Camelway cocnrete plant is equipped with a steam heating system with a heat exchanger and a boost fan. The source of steam is a steam boiler: Kp-300 (300-kg / h) 2019. Consumption DT 25/40 l / h. (40f. Container).

2. Productivity of the plant is 80 m3 / hour(theoretical output: 90m3 / hour,  Actual output 80m3 / hour). The number of recipes simultaneously used in the work is 10.

3. The method of supplying inert materials is skip, skip capacity is 3.5 m3. Payload 4400kg. Winch power 22kW.

4. Camelway has 4 bins for inert materials with a capacity of 45m3 each, a total of 180m3. Hopper metal thickness 4mm. Vibrators are mounted on sand bins.

In winter, the bunkers are heated with the help of the supplied steam and forced hot air. To heat the air, a steam heat exchanger and a blower are used.

5. The conveyor for feeding inert materials has a belt 800 mm wide and 8 mm thick.

6. For the operation of the plant, an ABAC B6000 air compressor with a receiver of 500 liters and a working pressure of 9 bar is used. The drive is 2 electric motors with a capacity of 5.5 kW each.

7. The cement hopper has a volume of 725l. and load capacity 900kg. Equipped with strain gauge. The supply of cement to the dispenser is carried out using a screw feeder d 273mm.

8. For storage of cement, there are 4 silos with a capacity of 98 tons each. The diameter of the silo is 3.4m. Each silo is equipped with an aeration system. In addition, the silos have filters with a filter surface of 20m2 and a filtered air flow of 1560m3 / hour each. Silos are equipped with level indicators.

9. For supply and storage of chemical. additives there are 2 pumps and 2 tanks (20-foot container). 4 pumps can work simultaneously. The additive dispenser consists of 2 containers of 24 liters each.

10. Storage tank for water 20m3 with steam heating (sheathed and insulated).

11. A gas station with a capacity of 8 tons of diesel fuel (10-foot container)

12. The required amount of water is 6 l / s, pressure is 4 bar.

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