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75m3/h Concrete Batching Plant Price in Philippines

Aaron posted this article in May 01, 2020

Philippines 75m3/h concrete batching plant introduction

Philippines 75m3/h concrete batching plant also called HZS75 concrete batching plant or 75cbm concrete batch plant, HZS75 concrete batching plant is a fully automatic concrete mixing equipment consisting of batching, mixing and electric control system. It is equipped with separate manual control, automatic compensation, sandstone moisture content compensation, and can automatically complete the scheduled tank production. The theoretical productivity is 75 cubic meters per hour, the discharge height is 3.8 meters, the storage hopper volume is 8 cubic meters*3 bins or 4 bins, and the supporting main engine is the JS1500 twin-shaft concrete mixer. HZS75 batching plant has a small investment fund, small occupied space, less equipment, easy maintenance of equipment, and can be equipped with the independent control room for performance, which makes the operation of the equipment convenient and safe, and can produce high-quality concrete.

Philippines 75m3/h concrete batching plant features

The Philippines 75m3/h concrete batching plant has a small space, small footprint, low power equipment, easy maintenance of equipment, and high-performance independent control room, which makes the equipment control more convenient and safe, and produces high-quality concrete efficiently. HZS75 concrete batching plant adopts high-reliability mixing equipment, which adopts the hoist lifting hopper to feed, the unique design of hopper and track, which can conveniently and efficiently hold and pour the aggregate. Compared with the batching plant of the usual inclined belt conveyor, it can save up to one-third to two-thirds of the floor space, and also choose to install the inclined belt conveyor.

The main body of HZS75 concrete batching plant is installed on the steel frame, which is convenient for the whole transportation of the equipment and can also be used as a part of the foundation to minimize the basic engineering and facilitate equipment monitoring and maintenance.

The HZS75 concrete batching plant has a short installation time. Generally, the installation only takes two to four days to complete the preparation before production. The mixing platform, metering platform and lifting system platform of HZS75 concrete batching plant fully guarantee the requirements of calibration, inspection and maintenance. When you need an exterior protective layer, throw enough room for routine maintenance work.

Philippines 75m3 / h concrete batching plant price is about 44000 US dollars.

Complete batching plant equipment should include: mixing equipment, concrete transportation equipment, laboratory equipment, forklifts, weighbridges, pump trucks, transformers, etc., so the cost is more expensive than a batching plant. But the specific details are still to communicate with the manufacturer, through the needs you provide, they propose solutions, and finally, give detailed prices and costs,

Camelway is a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plants. It can provide a variety of premixed batching plants, mobile batching plants, small batching plants, and other mixing equipment. It can provide various solutions. There is always a model for you. 

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