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50m3/h Concrete Batching Plant Price in Manila

Aaron posted this article in May 02, 2020

Manila 50m3/h concrete batching plant introduction

Manila 50m3/h concrete batching plant, the theoretical productivity of this type of equipment is 50 cubic meters per hour; the concrete mixer is JS1000 twin-shaft concrete mixer, the batching machine model is PLD1600, and the screw conveyor is LSY273. 

This type of batching plant is a one-to-two batching plant that supplies two mixers on the basis of one concrete mixer supplied by one batching machine.,The the advantage of the Manila 50m3/concrete batching plant is: the amount of funds occupied Less, occupying a small space, using less equipment, and producing high-quality and efficient concrete with accurate metering. The batching machine and the mixer work cyclically, which is an ideal choice for bridge construction sites, and large and medium-sized batching plant.

Manila 50m3/h concrete batching plant price

Manila 50m3/h concrete batching plant price is generally around 22,000 US dollars, this is only a rough price, because the price is not the same as the configuration, the price and cost of the batching plant are quite different, install a complete set of Manila 50m3 / h concrete batching plant is to consider the site, labor, and other costs, and the steps are very troublesome, need to consider the layout design of the site, many customers feel very cumbersome, so find our company, because our company has a professional design Personnel, whether it is the detailed configuration of the concrete batching plant or the layout design of the site, we can give you a customized solution for free. For details, please contact us for detailed information.

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