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35m3/h Concrete Batching Plant Price in Manila

Aaron posted this article in May 03, 2020

Manila 35m3/h concrete batching plant Introduction

Manila 35m3/h small concrete batching plant, equipped with JS750 twin shafts mixer and belt type aggregates charging system, has rated output 35m3/h compacted concrete. in can mix various kinds of concrete and suitable for medium-size construction sites, power stations, irrigation, highways, airfields, bridges, and medium-size factories producing concrete prefabricated parts.

The equipment is composed of batching system, metering system, mixing system, electrical control system, gas circuit control system, etc., under the condition of standard configuration, can realize three kinds of aggregate, two kinds of powder, a liquid additive, automatic metering and stirring of the water.
The plant is fully automatic controlled by computer with production management and data printing software

35m3h Concrete Batching Plant Price in Manila1

Manila 35m3/h concrete batching plant technical specification

Rated output:35m3/h
concrete mixer:JS750
Total power : 75KW
Total weight : 17T

35m3/h concrete batching plant price in Manila

Manila 35m3/h small concrete batching plant production price is generally between 10,000 US dollars and 30,000 US dollars, because the configuration is not the same, the price is not the same, how to configure a complete set of suitable batching plant is also a very important part, So the specific details still have to contact the manufacturer.

Manila is the most populous city in the Philippines and one of the fastest growing cities. Camelway has installed many concrete mixing plants in Manila. For more information, please contact us.

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