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Price of 2021 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


A mobile concrete batching plant is a facility where concrete is produced by combining sand, water, aggregates, cement and additives. This version of batching plants is suitable for users who change working locations frequently. It requires minimal site preparation and does not require a mobile crane for installation. Just a loader is enough. Mobile concrete batching plants with a minimum capacity of 15 m³ / h along with full mobility give the user an exceptional solution for the production of concrete mixtures directly on the production site. Due to its low investment, wide application, flexibility and convenience, we must say that it is the best choice for small and medium-sized projects.

Price of Mobile Concrete Batching

Price of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The mobile, or portable, concrete batching plant is a very productive, reliable and cost-effective piece of equipment. It allows the owner to batch concrete at almost any location, then moves to another location and batch concrete with low moving costs. Different from the stationary concrete batching plant, the structure of the mobile concrete batching plant is more compact, which is more convenient to move and install. The mixing efficiency of mobile concrete batch plant is high because it adopts fully automatic control system. The mixing performance of mobile concrete batching plant is great because of the following aspects:

  • Online concrete homogenization monitoring system, real-time display of mixing tank slump curve, to prevent slump from getting out of control.
  • The moisture content can be manually input and adjusted or sand and stone can be automatically detected and adjusted.
  • Raw material temperature detection and control system, concrete temperature detection and control system.

2021 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Camelway's most popular mobile concrete batching plant for sale is custom-engineered to facilitate easy expansion as your business continues to grow. The strong return on investment begins with the initial installation and continues through the high performance and reliability that spells increased productivity for your business, year after year. The unique design also reduces site preparation and foundation requirements. Its unitized structure means no welding. All plant plumbing and wiring are factory-installed and factory-tested for easier and less costly setup and enhanced reliability down the road.

Buy a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in your Country

Here at Camelway, our mobile concrete batching plant has been exported to many countries and we have numerous subsidiaries around the world. If you wish to ask our professionals any questions related to concrete batching plant, you can leave your message or contact us online and we will clear all your doubts.

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