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Block Making Plant

The Block Making Plant is a complete production line for building bricks. Camelway produce Block Making Plant has full automatic and semi-automatic. The full-automatic Block Making Plant Its high degree of automation, it can realize feeding, mixing molding, conveying and curing, and fully automated production of all processes for palletizing,  The semi-automatic Block Making Plant line is an automatic production line with frame maintenance. The operation is configuration simple and the mode is compact. It can realize automatic continuous production from feeding to block palletizing.

Automatic Block Making Plant

1. It adopts hydraulic adjustable technology, the motor adopts pure copper core motor, and the oil top adopts special oil top for large hydraulic machinery. It can regulation pressure and flow of the system, and the brick body is stressed on both sides, and the compactness is the same on both sides.

2. It has strong applicability, one machine with multiple uses, it can not only suitable for the production of concrete blocks, but also for the production of blocks made of fly ash, slag, slag and other materials.

3. It by changing the mold, can produce various specifications of wall blocks, standard bricks, hollow bricks, porous blind hole bricks, etc.

4. It adopt integrated technology of electric and hydraulic, and the program is interlocked, to make each cycle of the equipment operation is consistent, so the stability of the molded product is high, and the scrap rate is low.

5. The frame of Block Making Plant adopts structural steel and special welding technology, it is sturdy and reliable, to make the rigidity and shock resistance of the equipment.

  • Stationary Block Making Machine, Stationary Block Brick Machine, Block Making Machine in Philippines

    Stationary Block Making Machine

    The stationary block making machine is specialized produce hollow blocks, hollow bricks, multi-row hole bricks for construction, etc. It is suitable for the filling of frame buildings, construction projects, factories and other surrounding walls. Hollow bricks have light weight and hollow with certain energy-saving effects. it is the country to…

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  • Mobile Block Making Machine, Mobile Block Making Plant, Mobile Block Making Machine in Philippines

    Mobile Block Making Machine

    The mobile block making machine is also called mobile cement block making machine, The mobile block making machine equipment can not only produce round hole hollow brick, square hole hollow brick, standard brick and other blocks, but also does not need to buy pallets at all. If you use pallets every day, at least one site should prepare about 500…

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  • Qt8-15 Block Making Machine, Block Making Machine In Philippines

    Qt8-15 Block Making Machine

    Camelway produce Qt8-15 Block making machine can be used for one machine, and it can produce different specifications of permeable bricks, PC bricks, standard bricks, porous bricks, hollow blocks, road stones, pavement bricks, grass planting bricks, slope protection bricks and other cement products.

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  • QT6-15C Brick Making Machine, Brick Making Machine in Philippines, QT6-15C Brick Making Machine Manufacturer

    QT6-15C Brick Making Machine

    The QT6-15C brick-making machine is improved on the basis of QT6-15 brick-making machine, it adopts optimized design, and accelerates vibration and forming. It is a set of integrates efficiency, economy block forming machine, and it’s suitable for the national conditions of the Philippines.

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  • QT4-15B Block Making Machine, Block Making Machine in Philippines, Block Making Machine Manufacturer

    QT4-15B Block Making Machine

    The QT4-15B brick making machine is also called QT4-15B automatic hydraulic hollow block machine. The whole machine uses plc system and computer interface operation, it can realize random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting to ensure the working effect of the machine. The unique material car rotating cutting device completely…

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  • QT3-15 semi-automatic vibration brick making machine, Brick Making Machine in Philippines

    QT3-15 semi-automatic vibration brick making machine

    The QT3-15 brick making machine is a semi-automatic vibrating brick making machine. Its products can be processed with various waste ash, waste slag, river sand, tailings slag, fly ash, weathered stone, coal gangue, ceramsite, perlite, etc. Into a variety of new environmentally friendly wall materials, such as concrete porous bricks, standard…

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  • Vibration brick machine, block brick machine, Vibration brick machine in Philippines

    Vibration brick machine

    The supply volume automatic control is simple and convenient, during operation, it only need to rotate the turntable of the controller to freely adjust the supply amount, at the same time, it combined with the meter, flow meter, thermometer and motor load, it is possible to easily control the supply amount automatically by detecting the change.…

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